I was born and raised in the metropolitan area of Harrisburg, PA.  As a young man my brother and I came to Perry County if go hunting and I learned to love this area.  I went to college at the University of Idaho in Mechanical Engineering and got the first of several jobs all in Ohio.  I lived in rural counties in Ohio.  My brother purchased a farm near Newport in 1972.  In 1980 my parents moved to Perry County after retirement and lived until their passing.  My niece and husband own and operate Butcher’s Farm Market.

In 2012, after my wife passed away, I moved back to PA to Perry County to be close to my family here in PA.  I also have a daughter and family in Kansas and a daughter and family in Maine.  I live in New Bloomfield.  Since moving here, I have become involved with a lot of associations.  I am a Board member in The Perry County Literacy Council, The Historical Society of Perry County, The Perry County Bicentennial Committee and Vice Treasurer of the Perry County Environmental Development Agency. A member of the Perry County Arts Council, the Friends of Clark’s Tavern, The Friends of Spring Township and the American Legion of Newport.

I am very interested in the PCEDA and especially their goals in helping the farmers in the county and to improve tourism.  These two things, among others the PCEDA will be involved in, are instrumental in improving the economy of the county.  Our farmers, especially dairy farmers, are in bad financial shape.  We must try to provide help and guidance to them in ways to repurpose their farms into new ventures such as cheese and ice cream production.  We need a good farmer’s market for farmers to sell retail. The branding project is extremely important to start the total programs in the County

Right now, the Historical Society is spearheading a drive to restore the Clark’s Ferry Tavern in Duncannon, one of the oldest buildings in the county.  When completed the building will act as a Welcome center to the county as well as a community/events center which will increase tourism.

I am working with the Friends of Spring Township to help raise funds for the new Lynn Shaffer Dum Memorial Park, a 63-acre farm that will serve as a countywide facility for use by the citizens of the county but also to encourage tourism.  The park will include a community building, sports venues, the Bicentennial Historical Plaza, an amphitheater, and many nature/walking trails.

We need to establish tours of the fourteen covered bridges in the county. This currently is a semi-developed feature that needs refining and become more professional.

Too many projects, Not enough time.